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Genealogy Post Covid

    Now that we are in the post covid period it time to start visiting the genealogy repositories again. Service has resumed as normal but please remember, particularly if you are travelling from a rural area, to give a ring prior to your visit to the National Library, National Archives or the Valuation Office.

    If you intend visiting the Valuation Office be aware that booking a slot is essential and to be on the safe side book it at least 10 days in advance. If you are in the fortunate  position that the Cancelled Valuation Books for the county you are researching are digitised it really speeds up the operation. Of course, when you present yourself at the office it is a great advantage if you have the details of where the ancestor resided, the townland, parish and electoral division to hand.

    Having travelled from Kerry to Dublin for research we are usually under time pressure when we visit repositories so it pays to be organised and know exactly the detail of the area you are researching where you suspect your ancestor may have resided.

    Best of luck in your research in our historical repositories, it may be tedious work but well worth it!